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Nancy Ruth
Practitioner and Instructor

Society of Permanent Cosmetic Professionals Certified Permanent Cosmetic Professional, Lifetime Member

Permanent Eyeliner • Eyebrows &  Lips • Skin Color Correction

Permanent Makeup
Look like yourself, only better!

More and more women are taking advantage of permanent makeup.  One of the only Board Certified Permanent Makeup professionals in South Carolina, Nancy Ruth specializes in permanent makeup for women who want the most natural appearance possible.  Nancy enjoys her practice of permanent makeup for women who want the natural enhancement permanent makeup offers. 

Many of Nancy Ruth's clients are tired of applying eyebrow pencil day after day.  Or they don't want their eyeliner to smear every time they cry at a movie or rub their eyes.  Perhaps they want permanent color in their otherwise pale or thin lips.  Here are a few reasons women are choosing and enjoying permanent makeup.

  • Busy, active and stressful lifestyles with little time to keep applying makeup.
  • Visual difficulties, contact lenses, hard time putting on makeup without glasses.
  • Difficulty applying makeup properly.
  • Allergy to mascara and makeup.
  • Health challenges: multiple sclerosis or chemotherapy hair loss.
  • Women who enjoy water sports and outdoor activities.
  • Aging changes such as arthritis of the hands and joints.
  • Injuries to your shoulder or neck which make it hard to apply makeup.
  • Convenience.  The ability to look good 24 hours a day.  To Wake Up With Makeup!

Our Columbia and Evans facilities are centrally located to Atlanta Georgia, Savannah Georgia, Charleston South Carolina, and Charlotte North Carolina.


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